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Jeff Beatty Testimonial Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This is in reference to the work of Practical Strategies, Inc. for the Jeff Beatty for US Senate campaign in 2008.

Our movement was a grass roots insurgency campaign challenging four (4) term Senator John Forbes Kerry of Massachusetts. Receiving no help from the State Republican Party, The National Republican Senate Committee and the National Republican Committee and having limited resources of money, manpower and marketing, the Beatty Campaign successfully won the primary to challenge the incumbent in September.

As the campaign manager working with the limitations of paid and unpaid staff, I recognized the need for professional assistance during the last leg of our campaign. Having met with Mary Jo Joyce of Practical Strategies, I was impressed with her professional insight and understanding of our particular challenge to organize, prioritize and implement an action plan.

Wasting no time, Mary Jo set up a strategy to reach out to our volunteers and supporters. She executed a program to improve our fundraising and increase our awareness with earned and paid media. Her staff was impressive utilizing all existing resources and coordinating efforts for our candidate and our team.

The outcome was that Beatty received nearly one million votes, the most of any Massachusetts Republican in years. My regret was that we did not use Practical Strategies earlier in the campaign.

I would strongly recommend Practical Strategies for any candidate or organization that needs professional oversight and personalized methodology


Joseph W. Manzoli, Director
Jeff Beatty for U. S. Senate 2008