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  • "My publisher, Rex Imperator, recently hired Mary Jo Joyce on a freelance basis to edit my latest novel, Feldy's Girl. Everyone involved in the process was satisfied with her performance. Her work was thorough, diligent, and accurate. She showed a positive "can do" attitude at all times, and did everything that was expected of her. I have seen some of her work for other clients, as well, and based on my experiences with her, I would recommend her highly as an editor or content provider."

    Joseph Dobrian
    Dobrian, Frances, Bowie & Long
    Iowa City, IA

  • "I have known Mary Jo for approximately 10 years. In that time she has continually demonstrated her zeal for hard work, her passion for doing things right the first time and her enthusiasm for getting things done. I have known her to be very reliable and to always follow up on details that make a difference. Since she has efficiently operated her own business, she would be a wonderful asset to any organization. She is always bright, cheerful and always a student of the sciences. In short, I have greatly benefited from her work and dedication as a business partner and co-worker. It is my pleasure to endorse her and I would be honored to enumerate her benefits to those that are interested in moving forward with a dynamic individual."

    Dr. Larry A. Burchfield, President and CEO
    Radiochemistry Society
    Richland, WA

  • "Mary Jo is an absolute pleasure to work with. We relied on her for multiple press related projects, and she delivered high quality work on time, every single time. We would definitely want to work with her again in the future if an opportunity presents itself."

    Mohamed Al Fahim, CEO
    Alfields, LLC
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • "Thank you for an excellent day yesterday. We enjoyed the focus groups and thought they went really well. You did an outstanding job with them. Thanks again!"

    Tami Glaser, Marketing Specialist
    U.S. Foodservice
    Milwaukee, WI

  • "I have the utmost admiration and respect for Practical Strategies Inc. as the work they do is excellent. Their determination is without equal and their ability to formulate a vision for a product or company is unmatched. I thoroughly enjoy working with Mary Jo Joyce because she never quits until the goal has been accomplished to the satisfaction of the client and does it with a diplomacy that I thoroughly recommend."

    The Honorable Tommy G. Thompson

  • "Practical Strategies Inc (PSI) is first class for the fine work they do to support the objectives and efforts of a development stage high-tech company to come to market with radical innovative technology. In particular PSI understands how to design and implement high stakes decision making processes to secure a logical sequencing of necessary interim steps to achieve a strategic business objective. Specifically, in our case this includes casting a wide net of high level contacts in corporate, political, and governmental organizations to identify viable prospects for strategic alliances to bring our company's unique technology to solve heretofore intractable national security or commercial problems that can not be solved by the marketplace's traditional offerings of conventional solutions. PSI contributes clever strategies, hard work, and steadfastness of purpose in their determination to solve problems in meeting their clients business objectives. On a personal note, it is a great pleasure to work virtually on a daily basis with someone of her creative skills, diplomacy, and friendliness in her ability to deftly organize the logistics and goals of gaining access to people and organizational resources to facilitate the ultimate business success of our company in close collaboration with PSI. I have tremendous admiration for Mary Jo personally and what she has achieved in her endeavors with PSI."

    Dr. Gilbert D Beinhocker, Chairman and CEO
    Tamper Proof Global Systems Corporation
    Belmont, MA

  • "Practical Strategies is a real find. We've turned to them for a wide variety of projects -- from planning fundraising events and developing media outreach, all the way down to stuffing envelopes. Their talented staff brought the same contagious, can-do attitude to all of them. But as rare as that attitude is these days it's not at all surprising to find it at Practical Strategies. It starts at the top with the well-connected force of nature who serves as their President, Mary Jo Joyce. And they're a bargain besides. Because they're based in Wisconsin, you get all their talent and energy delivered to the coasts at Midwest prices. Try them and you'll agree they could easily charge twice as much (but let's keep that strictly between us)."

    Kevin "Seamus" Hasson, President
    Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
    Washington, DC

  • "As the campaign manager working with the limitations of paid and unpaid staff, I recognized the need for professional assistance during the last leg of our campaign. Having met with Mary Jo Joyce of Practical Strategies, I was impressed with her professional insight and understanding of our particular challenge to organize, prioritize and implement an action plan.

    Wasting no time, Mary Jo set up a strategy to reach out to our volunteers and supporters. She executed a program to improve our fundraising and increase our awareness with earned and paid media. Her staff was impressive utilizing all existing resources and coordinating efforts for our candidate and our team.

    The outcome was that Beatty received nearly one million votes, the most of any Massachusetts Republican in years. My regret was that we did not use Practical Strategies earlier in the campaign.

    I would strongly recommend Practical Strategies for any candidate or organization that needs professional oversight and personalized methodology."

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    Joseph W. Manzoli, Director
    Jeff Beatty for U. S. Senate 2008

  • "What is so wonderful about Practical Strategies, Inc., is that they seamlessly become part of your own team, multiplying your own time and resources in a way that is unmatched. Thoroughly professional and disciplined, Mary Jo Joyce's ability to quickly grasp her client's needs enables her superlative staff to fly into high gear almost immediately. Before you know it, problem solved."

    Carol A. Taber, President
    New York, New York

  • "Practical Strategies has great connections and vast know-how when it comes to today’s contentious public-policy battlefield."

    Jeffrey Bell
    Political Strategist and Author
    Washington, District of Columbia

  • "In my time of maximum need, Mary Jo Joyce appeared almost magically in San Francisco. I thought this was foreign territory for her, a Midwesterner by current living arrangements, but within two days she helped me find an office space for Encounter Books and helped negotiate a lease with a formidably faceless corporate landlord, two tasks that had defeated me during weeks of trying. Her practical strategizing saved my bacon."

    Peter Collier, Author and Editor
    Encounter Books
    San Francisco, California

  • "If your project would benefit from research, Practical Strategies is quick, accurate, and confidential. Just hit the print button when their report arrives via email."

    James Piereson, Executive Director
    John M. Olin Foundation
    New York, New York

  • "Thank You for your exceptional work on behalf of victims of human trafficking. Truly, the work you did to activate communities far exceeded my hopes and expectations. You have a great talent for working with non-governmental organizations. You understand them; know how to evaluate and motivate them, and what they need to improve their efficacy. Bravo! And many, many thanks for all you did to make our program such a great success!"

    Steve Wagner, President
    QEV Analytics; Former Director, Human Trafficking Program, U.S. HHS; and former Director, Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives, U.S. HUD.
    Washington, District of Columbia

  • "Practical Strategies helped us with just that: practical, real world strategies relevant to our particular circumstances. Mary Jo’s insight and ability to help chart our course from the ‘back of the room’ provided not only a great service, but delivered it in a most unique and effective way. Her team is undoubtedly the A-Team on any project in the sea of politics, policy and nonprofits."

    Robert A. Aguirre, President
    Hispanic CREO
    Washington, District of Columbia

  • "Sizzle and steak! Ingredients for a lovely, tantalizing, and filling meal. I credit Practical Strategies with providing both of these elements in projects created and work performed for Burleigh Street. We are ‘full’ and we love it!"

    James Hiller, Executive Director
    Burleigh Street Community Development Corporation
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • "What you get with Practical Strategies is Mary Jo Joyce. Whenever she didn’t already know the answer, she found it. The more complex the problem, the more strategically simple is the answer, and her ability to communicate to our constituency, has been most rewarding."

    Geoffrey G. Maclay, President
    Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation, Inc.
    West Bend, Wisconsin

  • "When we hired Practical Strategies to do our event marketing plan we were expecting the usual brochure and invitation. But we got a dividend that was unexpected and appreciated; we got a very high level of commitment to getting the work done even when we, the client, didn't meet our deadlines. That's dedication. We enjoyed working with Mary Jo and her staff. We are looking forward to working with them on future projects."

    Mark Brunner, Executive Director
    Citizen Advocacy of Washington County
    West Bend, Wisconsin