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"Practical Strategies has great connections and vast know-how when it comes to today's contentious public-policy battlefield."
– Jeffrey Bell, political strategist and author, Washington, DC

"If your project would benefit from some research, Practical Strategies is quick, accurate, and confidential. Just hit the print button when their report arrives via email."
– James Piereson, John M. Olin Foundation, New York, NY

"In my time of maximum need, Mary Jo Joyce appeared almost magically in San Francisco. I thought this was foreign territory for her, a midwesterner by current living arrangements, but within two days she jelped me find an office space for Encounter Books and helped negotiate a lease with a formidably faceless corporate landlord, two tasks that had defeated me during weeks of trying. Her practical strategizing saved my bacon."
– Peter Collier, author and editor, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for your exceptional work on behalf of victims of human trafficking. Truly, the work you did to activate commmunities far exceeded my hopes and expectations. You have a great talent for working with non-governmental organizations. You understand them, know how to evaluate and motivate them, and what they need to imporve their efficacy. Bravo! And many, many thanks for all you did to make our program such a great success!"
– Steve Wagner, President, QEV Analytics; former Director, Human Trafficking Program, U.S. HHS, Washington, DC

"Practical Strategies helped us with just that: practical, real world strategies relevant to our particular circumstances. Mary Jo's insight and ability to help chart our course from the 'back of the room' provided not only a great service, but delivered it in a most unique and effective way. Her team is undoubtedly the A-Team on any project in the sea of politics, policy and nonprofits."
– Robert B. Aguirre, President, Hispanic CREO, Washington, DC

"Sizzle and steak! Ingredients for a lovely, tantalizing, and filling meal. I credit Practical Strategies with providing for Burleigh Street. We are 'full' and we love it!"
– James Hiller, Execuive Director, Burleigh Street Community Development Corporation, Milwaukee, WI

"What you get with Practical Strategies is Mary Jo Joyce. Whenever she didn't already know the answer, she found it. The more complex the problem, the more strategically simple is the answer, and her ability to commmunicate to our constituency, has been most rewarding."
– Geoffrey G. Maclay, President, Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation, West Bend, WI

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