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Coalition Development & Government Liaison

Practical Strategies can help you identify coalition partners that share your point of view and engage them in the process to push for change. Once the coalition is developed, we can take responsibility to see that your partners stay focused on the goal.

We work effectively to persuade lawmakers and regulators to act on behalf of your cause. Our services include the development of a database, professional communications, face to face meetings, and media outreach, as well as an effective system for critical feedback.

We work with senators and representatives on each congressional committee where our clients' interests need to be served. We are equally engaged with state and local governments. Take advantage of our existing relationships in order to advance your initiative.

If you are interested in advancing your company or product, let us introduce you to agency officials and policy experts. Get your company and product on relevant schedules and let us connect you to federal grant-making, contracting and purchasing policies, procedures, and people!